Picture a bohemian sanctuary, a haven that excites and inspires your bridal planning journey. This is what LOVE MARIE encompasses. Nestled in a private studio, this appointment-only business offers a one-on-one service where brides can choose an exclusive gown of their dreams. The owner herself, Amy Oram, is there to guide you through the entire selection process, from trying on and fitting to ordering and alterations.

With an amazing understanding of fabrics, body shapes, the way a garment is meant to fit and knowledge of how to make it happen under her belt, Amy can not only help you choose a gown that is perfect for you, but she is also the creative hands behind couture headpiece label Teeki and can craft a unique headpiece or veil to match! And the most perfect thing? You can try it all on in one place! No more second guessing decisions because you can’t imagine what it will all look like together.

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Designers: CHOSEN by One Day, Tatyana Merenyuk, Riki Dalal, Odylyne The Ceremony,

Romantique Claire Pettibone, Tara Lauren, Anais Anette, Rembo Styling,

Daughters of Simone, Truvelle, Nicole Miller & Teeki